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When was the last time you purchased from a new company without checking out their customer testimonials?
In today’s online world customer reviews are a mainstay of the internet with so many competing businesses it can be hard for customers to know who they can trust.

At RANKiT we are bringing customers and businesses together. Matching consumers to the best-suited products and services, all based on real world experiences from real people. Customers who get great service are only too happy to shout about it and share so your business can’t afford to be out of the loop. With great reviews on RANKiT your company can enjoy increased click-through rates and landing page conversions. Community review sites boost brand identity and massively increase sales by connecting your business with its target market.

Through RANKiT there is also the opportunity for your business to find ways to improve service by hearing directly from the customer base you are hoping to attract and keep.

Companies – Check out our price plans so your customers can get to raving about you!
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RANKiT is a successful UK registered company, headquartered in London.

Why RANKiT ?

  • Increased Sales.
  • Increased Trust.
  • Improved Click-Through Rates.
  • Increased Brand Awareness.
  • Build Trust With Potential Customers.
  • Improved Landing Page Conversions.
  • Enter into a dialogue with your customer base and improve your product & service.